There is life out of bed on a winter morning

As my eyelids drooped, heavy with sleep, I happened to glance at the time on my iPad- 01:20 am. I had been surfing since 21:30, researching some holiday options. I could hear the gentle comforting snore next to me as Raj was in blissful slumber. A week of budget stress had taken its toll and Raj had fallen asleep by 2100hrs (should i also say that is his preferred bedtime). As much as my mind was on 100km speed, my eyes resisted and decided that I should curl up under the duvet.
I hardly caught a few winks of sleep, when the duvet moved as Raj stepped out of bed, I stirred, curled up and dived deep under the duvet, with his pillows also propped up against me. Pls don’t disturb me, I haven’t slept enough, I moaned.
Do you want go for a long drive to see the sunrise coaxed Raj, as I pulled the curtains apart, expecting to see the crack of dawn! It was pitch black outside with the full moon shining bright. Half sleepy, I reached out to check the time on the clock on the nightstand.
Half hearted,I gave in and in no time, I was ready for the week end….as Raj started the ignition of the car, the display burst to life and it was 0530 am and 13celsius.
Enthusiastic Raj was jabbering away his route plan, details, sunrise was expected at 07:03 Friday morning, while I’m thinking what a waste to the one day that I can have a lie in…. Not to dampen his sprits, I join in the discussion and comment on the neighbourhood sleeping silently, while the only sound is purring of the car engine. Envious of all the other bedroom windows that were dark, we slowly pull out of our community.
We hit the highway, with the radio blasting soulful numbers, Raj humming along and a silent me….but not for long! Soon I see we are not the only ones on the highway, cycling enthusiasts are already gearing up for their long arduous exercise regime! Now I don’t feel so bad, I’m waken up from my slumber thinking I would have wasted this sight.
The mist is still hanging low, the eerie glow of the moon visible, while the horizon turns to a glowing pink, the first signs of the impending sun rise. I’m getting excited and asking Raj to get to desert quickly, so as not to miss this magic…. The temp dips in the lonely stretch of road, the cycle track is a busy place with some lone rangers and a few groups……the window is rolled down and the camera clicks away at a crazy speed. Raj asks me if I’m ok and to slow down on the pictures I’m taking. I’m amazed at the number of people out and about and can’t stop. The wind is on my face, tears streaming down my eyes, open mouthed, I watch the sky change colours and the red ball of fire signal a new beginning.
Silhouettes of cyclists against the rising sun, and then all of sudden, like magic out of nowhere, in my focus lens appear three hot air balloons….the tourists/residents out for a hot air balloon adventure before sunrise!
I’m wonder struck and ask myself, is the lie I craved so much really worth it? It dawned on me, as we continued driving in silence just capturing this surreal surrounding and the closeness I felt to nature. Philosophical thoughts aside, I thanked Raj for getting me out of the bed this morning!
I was still awestruck with a buzzing active life I saw just a few miles away from the city and one that I thought functioned similar to mine…I hear clipping of hooves, horses!!! Yes, in front of us as we pass the stables, the mighty Arabian studs getting their fair share of exercise….the thunderous gallop, was of 20 beauties, their skin shining, their mane flying in the wind and nostrils all flared. I jump out of the car for more pictures promising the jockeys, I would put the picture up on Facebook!
A few more miles down, marvelling at all that I had seen, the flatland, the intercepting dunes with their ridges, the glow of the sand in the dawn colours and then in stark contrast, I get to the camel tracks. The horses in their splendour were a different sight to behold, in comparison to the camels… again and even the camel jockey sits up straight to give me a picture of his prized possession. The camels also look at the camera and carry on their way, breaking into a steady gallop!
Life begins here before the crack of dawn and just then, I’m rudely shaken out of my thoughts as I hear the screech of tires, the ballon adventure company buses racing to setup their breakfast stations near the landing strip – they must be saying there is so much work to do, to feed all the hungry hot air ballon passengers.
It’s only getting to 0730 but all the thought of breakfast, has made me hungry. Raj agrees that a cup of tea will be nice. Bab Al Shams is just a few miles away, Raj reminds me, and I’m not for a sit down posh brekkie…..this morning was not for that. As we drive, the aroma of paratha and cooking wafts through…..we both turnaround to each other with a mischievous smile on our lips and a glint in our eyes…that’s settled now… a little shack on the way side is our stop for breakfast!
The sun is out, the temp still shows the early two digits, the delicious egg and paratha has our souls satisfied, it’s now time for the drive back – same route or the Al Ain highway is the question????


2 thoughts on “There is life out of bed on a winter morning

  1. I don’t think anyone could have captured the moments so beautifully the way you have done. It was intriguing, amusing, enlightening, and captivating in every sense. You have a natural flair to express beautifully and explicitly what you see into a story. I think you should never stop no matter how small those events are. I am looking forward to the next one!! Good Luck!!

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